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 Establish SourceForge Project
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A running diary and job jar of work items and notes on TROST Engagement




done 2005-06-16 Correct some spellings and have P050405b ready for access from other pages.
2005-05-10 Tie this into the knot-hole info at the site entrance index.htm.
done 2005-05-10 Hook the proposal page to the front cover of this folio and upload it so we can refer to it.
  2005-04-30 Add a checklist specifically for the engagement of the SourceForge project.  What is needed before that resource can be widely announced as available.
2005-04-30 Make a web-page version of the project application statement to SourceForge.
  2005-04-20 Put the SourceForge registration information into the trost-discuss distribution list for archiving and outlinking. [dh:2005-05-10 I think it is good enough to link to the web version here.  It might be useful to make it a document, for the record.  Sounds like too much work.]
  2005-04-20 Recover and make complete the Orcmid Action Required note of 2005-03-01 and be able to mark it complete.
  2005-04-20 Move the items on P050401a that apply to SourceForge engagement here so we can deal with them in a single place.
  2005-04-20 Being a registered user of SourceForge is a precursor for project registration and being recognized as a developer on SourceForge and individual projects.  Reflect this somehow.
  2005-04-20 The SourceForge project response letter is an example of a trustworthiness effort.  Analyze and point out how that is, and also tie to the difficulties of conducting this manually.
2005-04-20 Put the description and promises of SourceForge registration (see Action Required Note) onto
  2005-04-19 I need to create a tools-you-need to follow along kind of thing. Some of the ones that are involved are simple.  I think this is an info deal.  We should put it there, but its creation is an activity of engagement.  [dh:2005-04-19 This starts with browsing, what the browsing requirements are, and what kinds of pages are present.  There are static HTML and text files available.  To download materials, it is usually necessary to have Zip or an equivalent.  The contents of each Zip file and identification of what is needed to make use of the contents is provided separate from the Zip file so that it can be reviewed without having to download the material first.  There are other patterns about knowing what is the latest and being able to provide comments and feedback.  Ah. So I need SourceForge.  So we need to deal with privacy, contact, and intellectual property concerns.] [dh:2005-04-20 There is a graduated version of this for using the SourceForge site and different levels of engagement beyond that.  There are similar things for the TROSTing site.]
2005-04-11 Recover the TROST application to SourceForge. [dh:2005-04-20 There are promises made in that application that must be honored.]
  2005-04-11 Obtain the SourceForge administration information for walking through and identifying the configuration details that we want. [dh:2005-04-13 Make a separate engagement folio just for that.] [dh:2005-04-20 Here we are in the folio where we will follow-through on this.]
done 2005-04-20 Create this page with the Lab Notebook style

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