TROST: Open-System Trustworthiness

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Type: Project Communication Project ID: P050402
Style: Abbreviated Status: Closing
Provide all of the information necessary for someone to fully engage with TROSTing projects, whether to observe, experiment, test, document, or participate in active development and customization of the TROST framework.
1. Have the SourceForge site fully customized with all materials available.
1. Have sufficient information on TROST Pilot for interested parties to find all information on the bootstrap and be engaged in the spiraling to new levels.pilot and TROST-related tools.
2. Make an announcement and have a welcome kit.
3. Make the relationship to the TROST Dissertation clear, especially over how that can impact schedule for TROST and the ODMref 1.0 development.
Related Information/Projects:
TROST Engagement and Evaluation Info
P050401: TROST Announcement
Conditions of Satisfaction:
1. Sufficient Material Posted on TROSTing, ODMA, and SourceForge for people to be able to locate everything needed to follow or review the TROSTing development.
2. A sufficient initial structure on how to find and use the available resources
3. Materials usable in regularly referring others to the project.
4. Basic announcements posted where they are found by bloggers and search engines.
TROST Announcement Materials
SourceForge Administration Options
SourceForge Developer Requirements
TROST SourceForge Administration Setup
TROST How-to-Participate on SourceForge
TROST SourceForge Initial Content and Releases
Front Porch of the Site At Preview Level
Announcement of Status at the Bootstrap Level
Assigned To: Dennis E. Hamilton
Defined By: Dennis Hamilton (2005-04-11)
Revised: 2005-06-20 to simplify
Date Initiated: 2005-04-10 Date Completed: 2005-06-20

1. Approach (2005-06-20)

2. Activities (2005-06-20)

Items in green background are in-progress.  Red text indicates mini-milestones/deliverables that are overdue.  This is being converted into an ad hoc progression so that this part can continue as other development activities and project requirements are addressed.

1.00 2005-06-20-22:56 Declare Complete
Simplify the engagement activity down to what it takes to allow pre-view access as we work through the bootstrap.  The other aspects of engagement come later, and will be new mini-projects.
0.00 2005-04-11-11:50 create  placeholder to morph into the necessary material
Incorporate job jar and use it to drive the completion of essential items here, providing an initial skeleton for more activity.

Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area)

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