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Template 0.20 Material


0.21 2017-07-01 -07:36 -0700 

The candidate material for stable Template 0.20 is provided in two files:

  1. P050601e.txt Manifest of the Template 0.20 Material, version 0.23 in a 9,000 byte file dated 2005-08-18-23:32.
  2. Archive of the Template 0.20 Material, version 0.23 in a 120,430 byte file dated 2005-08-18-23:33.  Please review the manifest to first determine whether it is worthwhile to download the full archive.

0.21 2005-08-18-23:45 Identify the version 0.23 archive
The candidate stable archive is identified so that it can be verified as the current one from this site.
0.20 2005-08-18-18:37 Establish as the Latest, with Pending Expansion
This skeleton page announces the availability of the new template,
0.00 2005-07-28-12:40 Establish Initial Placeholder
Introduce an initial placeholder that serve as a target of links from template pages that are being revised.  This page will be updated as content is developed.  This page is a customization of the Template 0.10 Material page.

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