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Template 0.10 Material


0.20 2017-07-01 -07:36 -0700 

The last-packaged 0.10 materials can be found in two companion files:

0.20 2005-08-18-19:06 Obsolescence by Template 0.20
Template 0.10 is designated as obsolete and the material is preserved for historical reference and for accountability regarding web pages based on Template 0.10 resources.
0.18 2005-08-14-10:04 Provide full Preservation of Package
The archiving of all materials related to Template 0.10 adoption is completed so that development of 0.20 will not disturb them and the record is complete.
0.15 2005-06-23-22:08 Provide Package of Initial Material
To protect against lose and alteration, and to support customization by others, the essential Template 0.10 materials are packaged for download and examination.
0.00 2005-06-01-18:49 Create Initial Placeholder
Introduce an initial placeholder that serve as a target of links and include-page components until more content is developed.  This page is a customization of the Develop Project Folio Bootstrap Template (0.10) Material page.

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