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Template 0.00 Material


0.03 2017-07-01 -07:36 -0700

Template 0.00 Material was created on an ad hoc basis to serve in creating InfoNotes related to the TROST Pilot design and the development of performance patterns.  Template 0.00 was developed just enough to provide for bootstrapping of the P000006: Project Folio Bootstrap Template, the Develop Project Folio Bootstrap project, and then this Develop InfoNote Bootstrap Template project. 

The InfoNote Bootstrap Template 0.00 pages are archived here.  The template materials have been accurately preserved. The materials from this project that bear on the creation of Template 0.00 Material have also been preserved in the archive.  The Manifest now reflects all of that content.  Here is the current, expected to be final, packaging:

0.03 2005-08-13-18:34 Complete Preservation of Template 0.00 Material
The archive and manifest are updated to preserve all material related to Template 0.00, including related version of these P050601 project pages.
0.02 2005-06-23-22:23 Mark as obsolete
Provide obsolescence notice and link to later versions.
0.01 2005-06-20-23:01 Provide Cleaner Organization of Material
The archiving of the InfoNote Bootstrapping Template is updated to provide a clean manifest and additional information.  Any further changes involve material other than the snapshot of the template pages themselves.
0.00 2005-06-02-12:44 Bootstrap version of the Template 0.00 page
This page is customized from a clone of P050501c: Project Folio Bootstrap Template (0.00) Material. We are following undocumented procedures in customizing a page for holding all material for a single progressive version..

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