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P050601 TROST Project
 Develop InfoNote Bootstrap


0.21 2011-11-12 -21:27 -0800

Type: Mini-Project Project ID: P050601
Style: Abbreviated Status: Routine
Provide a page set that is easily copied and customized as part of the initiation of new InfoNotes. 
  1. Satisfy the essential requirements of the TROSTing site, with an eye toward flexing to use for other kinds of folios and use on other sites (e.g.,
  2. Assume manual operation for this level of the template, so that usage experience can be gathered in direct employment. 
  3. Start with one that is good-enough and illustrative of the key ideas for expansion later.
  4. Have a job jar in place for capturing further experience and revising the template from time to time, providing a progressive account of the different versions.
Related Information/Projects:
P050501: Develop Project Folio Bootstrap
i000006: InfoNote Bootstrap Template

Conditions of Satisfaction:
1. Template in consistent usage.
2. Template customization instructions are complete enough for adaptation to other settings and reliable use.
3. Move into a "routine" support state when operational enough.
4. Sustain so long as there are uses of this style, even when a more-automatic approach is available.
i000006: InfoNote Bootstrap Template [0.00]
P000006: Project Folio Bootstrap Template 0.10
0. Preserved i000006 0.00 hooked into bootstrap of a progression.
1. Updated i000006 0.10 template for application
2. Project folio providing a progressive account and preservation of the sequence of stable versions (this P050601)
3. Template-Usage documentation
4. Tie-in to TROST Performance Patterns
Assigned To: Dennis E. Hamilton Defined By: Dennis Hamilton (2005-06-01)
Date Initiated: 2005-06-01 Date Completed: 2005-08-18 (to sustaining operation)

1. Approach (2005-08-18)

2. Activities (2005-08-18)

Revision History:
0.21 2005-08-18-22:19 Enter Routine Operation
Further work consists of sustaining operations with continuation updates on an as-needed basis.
0.20 2005-08-18-19:19 Cutover to Template 0.20
Template 0.20 with corrections, expanded manifest notes, and a new approach to providing no-content placeholders is put into effect.
0.12 2005-08-14-10:05 Complete Archiving of Earlier Versions
The Template 0.00 and Template 0.10 materials are completed and archived so that there is no disturbance by continuing with development of Template 0.20.
0.11 2005-07-28-13:12 Preparation for 0.20 upgrade
There are some back-factoring changes to introduce from applications of other templates, and a change in i000006b placeholders is being made.  The conditions of satisfaction are adjusted to account for movement into routine support.
0.10 2005-06-23-22:27 Establish Template 0.10 as current
The Template 0.10 is ready to use.  We hook it in as (latest) for the next refresh to the hosted site.
0.01 2005-06-20-11:42 Preserve 0.00 material and anticipate development of 0.10 based on P000006 0.10 experience
This and enough other pages are customized for retention of i000006 in a permanent archive.  The project template is customized and updated.  The Approach and Activities are ready for on-going improvement.
0.00 2005-06-01-18:53 Create  bootstrap placeholder to morph into the necessary material
Create the placeholder by minimum modification of P050501: Develop Project Folio Bootstrap pages.  Incorporate job jar and use it to drive the completion of essential items here, providing an initial skeleton for more content.

Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area)

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