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  • Consult <> for the current status and electronic copies of this material.
  • Template 0.10 Material replaces and obsoletes Template 0.00 Material which was created just long enough to provide for bootstrapping of the Project Folio Bootstrap Template and this Develop Project Folio Bootstrap project.  That material remains available for demonstration of how the bootstrap progressed.

Placeholder Status

This page is a placeholder for material which is yet to be incorporated.  When it is available, this page will be updated to provide further details as well as links for supporting materials. 

The following supporting materials will be expanded in place of the placeholders that are there now:

0.00 2005-05-26-00:31 Create Initial Placeholder
Introduce an initial placeholder that serve as a target of links and include-page components until more content is developed.  This page is a customization of the Folio Bootstrap Project Material (0.00) placeholder template.  A version from Develop Project Folio Bootstrap Template (0.10) Material was used.

Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area)
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