TROST: Open-System Trustworthiness

Construction Diary & Job Jar


2011-11-12 -21:38 -0800

A running job jar of ideas and notes on the construction of the /projects/pilot section of the TROSTing site.




done 2005-04-30 Adjust this construction zone for the Creative Commons notice and the use of hard-hat-thumb. 
done 2005-04-11 Share all of this new material to the site image and upload it for review there.
done 2005-04-10 Move the P050301 project folio to pilot/plan and adjust accordingly.  Delete the original.
  2005-04-10 A project history page may be part of the status section or the top level for TROST Pilot.  [dh:2005-04-30 That might take care of the "keyhole" folio that I was thinking about in the engagement area.]
  2005-04-10 As part of engagement there is some clean-up that needs to be done in the TROSTing /construction folder too.  Make sure that job jar is reviewed and acted upon.  This might require general site housekeeping as part of TROST Pilot engagement.
  2005-04-10 Any overall project like "Develop TROST Pilot" is at the projects/pilot level.  This applies to ODMref 1.0 too.
  2005-04-10 risk, integrate, communicate, quality, etc., are potential additional sections.
  2005-04-10 deployment may be an extension of engagement, so we will need to see how that flies.
  2005-04-10 The stabilize process will have to do with the application, evaluation, and correction of templates and instances
done 2005-04-10 Make a develop/ section for the development process of templates and such.
done 2005-04-10 Make a design section for the design process.
done 2005-04-10 Create a plan section for that overall structure.
done 2005-04-10 Create an engagement section for the carrying out of the TROST engagement activity.
done 2005-04-10 Create an envisioning section for the materials related to envisioning of the pilot.
done 2005-04-10 Create a /status section that will operate much like the counterpart in ActiveODMA /ODMref 1.0
done 2005-04-09 Create this minimal Construction Zone scaffolding for /projects/pilot.

Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area)

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