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A running job jar of ideas about TROSTing projects. 




2005-05-25 When P050501 and P000006 are stable enough as a 0.10 version, start using it to make P050502 P050601 for InfoNote Bootstrapping, and work from there to revert to i000006 development.
  2005-05-23 Retain /projects/P000006c.htm only on TROSTCompagno (and that side of VSS) until its content can be absorbed in the i000007/p000007 constructions and supporting InfoNotes.  Then delete it.  [dh:2005-06-20 Any legend that is linked to needs to be in a different subtree, so having it with the project folio works better.  I wonder how I could get this to work in Metro.  That is an interesting challenge for packaging material like this.]
done 2005-05-23 Eliminate the latent P050301 pages at the /projects level too: TROSTCompagno, VSS, publicca, bServer.  They do appear at the pilot/plan level (for status).  Do P040801 while we are at it.
done 2005-05-23 Share the /info/templates/00/i000006*.htm across too, for the same reason - use in a project that shows the bootstrap cycle.
done 2005-05-23 Delete the construction structure from the TROSTing side since we are not using web pages there.  The only web pages on the TROSTing sides are ones that we want to incorporate in packages.
done 2005-05-23 Delete the Blocco /TROSTing/pilot subtree so that we aren't confused by it.
done 2005-05-23 Branch the Blocco /TROSTing/pilot material so it is not tied to the TROSTing/projects/pilot material.
done 2005-05-23 Share the /projects subtree to Blocco /TROSTing/projects so that all of the nodes that are shared line up.
done 2005-05-21 Put in the cloned-from blah-blah template comment ASAP
2005-05-21 Delete the old P000006 material once we have what we need from it: delete from compagno, VSS, publicca, bServer. Ditto with P040200: compagno, VSS, publicca, bServer [dh:2005-05-21 There is a definition page that needs to go into p- or i-something on project folios.]
done 2005-05-21 Start a P050501 that is the create Project Folio Bootstrap Template project, so we have a proper place for the job jar and notes.   Do this just enough to get us going and to capture the P040200 material that is lying around.  Also, we want the folio cover to represent the project-activity cover table layout.
2005-05-21 Clean up the P000006 bootstrap pages to be just enough [dh:2005-05-23 to include in 0.10]: P000006, P000006a, P000006b, P000006c, P000006c.txt,
  2005-05-21 Consider instructions about templates to be in the template folder as include pages, so the reference problems are solved.  (This makes weird dependencies for packaging of materials for moving around and installing separately.  To do that, some additional linking and binding stuff has to work.)
done 2005-05-21 Move the P040200 material to where we describe the project to make the P000006 template.  This is a project.   [dh:2005-05-21 Actually, we can delete it because our ideas are way different now with i000006 and P050501.]
done 2005-05-21 Link the catalog to the new P000006 when it is in clean-enough bootstrap form and eliminate the older stuff.  Don't worry about breaking any links.
  2005-05-21 We need a project folio that provides the instructions and technical documentation for P000006.  This needs to have pages that can be referred to from a template and still be valid when the template is copied to start bootstrap of a new project page.  They might need to be absolute URLs. [dh:2005-05-11 it seems to work to have them at the same depth in different trees so the cross links are preserved in moving and copying]
done 2005-05-21 Create bootstrap for the Project Folio Bootstrap Template used to kick-off a new project folio.  We start  by cloning the InfoNote Bootstrap Template.  It will then be customized to the Project Bootstrap Template, P000006.
done 2005-05-21 Create scaffolding for a template section here: projects/templates/00/ with simple construction structure.
done 2005-05-09 Correct the P050405 links in P000001 to point to the correct folio, not P050402.
  2005-04-30 Adjust the in-use pages in this /projects section for the use of hard-hat-thumb and the Creative Commons notice.
  2005-04-30 Adjust the pages in the /status, /plan, /envision, /develop, and /design sections.
done 2005-04-30 Adjust all of the /pilot/engage pages for the Creative Commons notice and use of hard-hat-thumb.
  2005-04-20 There are notes around #45.28 to dig out and move to actionables here when I am more alert.
  2005-04-20 There are other up-front activities that go in the envision section.  I need to back them in.  But I have dependencies on the specification and the project proposal in other tasks here.  I need to get a place for all of that under envision.
  2005-04-20 The specification goes into the envision section of the Pilot.
  2005-04-20 The approved project proposal goes into the envision section of the Pilot.
  2005-04-20 The manual maintenance of these catalogs, and the coordination of status between folio and catalog is a problem that would be alleviated by automated assistance.
  2005-04-10 Work through my completed papers and bring the essentials over here.  Just start giving them a place to live as preparation for engagement.
  2005-04-10 Start work on the TROST Pilot /design projects right away.  Bring job jar from Outlook 2003 journaling to there and start working on the design projects in a serious way.
2005-04-10 Make TROST Pilot /engage projects, one for announcement and one for engagement, and use the ODMref 1.0 counterparts as starters. [dh:2005-04-11 The Engagement goes through Initiate, Envision, Plan, Develop, Stabilize, Deploy]
2005-04-10 Make a Blocco/crea/nfoWare section and put addbib underneath it, since this is exactly where it belongs.
done 2005-04-09 Give the Pilot section a construction zone: C000000 and construction.htm
done 2005-04-09 Make Projects/Pilot, achieving the same level as ODMA's active/ODMref10 (and we can share boilerplate).  Start with minimal construction structure for now.
2005-04-09 For the TROST Engagement activity, work up a TROST Pilot section and begin to decorate it with places to carry out the current work as well as back up into recovery of off-line materials for orientation and reference. The priority is intercepting the current design activity, quickly so that it is supported and I can work on its schedule improvement.
2005-03-30 Get enough ab.bib structure in place to be useful in cleaning up notes and cataloging materials that I have. [dh:2005-04-10 This is in Blocco /crea/VCTK2003/ab/ but it should be moved to become part of nfoWare development.]
done 2005-03-30 Select a version of Visio and install it for working on diagrams and templates here. [dh:2005-05-11 I installed Visio Professional 2003].
done 2005-03-30 The first COTStools are HyperSnapDX, Office2003, and Microsoft Project Standard 2003.  The next may be Visio, which I need to install. [And don't forget FrontPage 2003 also.]
  2005-03-30 The TROSTdev kit needs a COTStools for commercial-off-the-shelf tools that are used in the development of everything.
  2005-03-30 I need a project to create something like the devkit for ODMdev for TROSTdev, if that makes sense.
2005-02-09 Move P000006 to the 2005/ subfolder so that it will be at the same level as the materials it is used for. [dh:2005-05-11 This was handled by creating a projects/templates/00 folder that matches the level of folders where we create project folios.]
  2005-02-09 Create projects on the the PMBOK elements of concern: risk management especially.
  2005-02-09 Creata a project on the setup of a development environment, which is partly involving ODMA also.
  2005-02-09 Create a project on the completion of the specifications
  2005-02-09 Create a project on the establishment of the SourceForge TROST project.  [dh:2005-04-10 This could be part of engagement, and it also involves us having a /dev for all of this.]
done 2005-02-09 Clone the P040801 to the first project here, P050301.
2005-02-09 Customize P000006, Project Template, for use on all projects here.  The borrowed P040200 can be used too.
[dh:2005-05-21 This turned into a pattern exercise, which surprised me.   The bootstrapping level is now handled with project P050501.]
done 2005-02-09 Get the project catalog table elements to be smaller, using this size as the desired size.
done 2005-02-09 Initiate this project section and catalog for project plan elements and their tracking.
0.00 2005-02-09-16:52 Create initial diary for TROSTing projects
Create diary for tracking initial activities in the projects section.  This version is maintained manually and its format and style consistency is preserved by manual adjustments.

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