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{This page is a template for making the Diary & Job Jar for a new InfoNote.  Instructions of this form will provide details on the systematic customization to make before placing the page in use.}


{First Steps:
  1. The heading title of the page and the title banner, above, are customized in the same manner as the cover page for the target folio.
  2. In the title block, above, the first line can be replaced by copying from the already-customized folio cover page. 
  2. The second title lines should be replaced by an appropriate substitute based on the folio title.  The <head> title for this page should be updated accordingly (using File | Properties in FrontPage, for example).
  3. Similarly, the updated anchor-block path in the upper right can be replaced by copying the already-updated version from the folio cover page.
  4. The anchor for this page itself must have the link text changed from i000006a and the link should be corrected to refer to the page being built.
  5. Provide customization of other places where the {Customize} marker appears.  Delete markers (and other {...} text groups) when they have been acted upon.
  6. Don't forget to adjust the revision history and the construction-history block as specified at the bottom of this page.}





done 2005-08-17

Create this page ready for recording Diary & Job Jar items of this InfoNote.

{Revision History:
  1. In the construction-history block in the lower right corner, below, change the "created" date to match the date on which the target page was initialized with a copy of this template.  Use the same date-time value in the version "0.00" history element, below.  Use that date in the initial table entry row, above.
  2. Adjust the Construction Zone link in the lower-left corner image to find the nearest superior construction zone if it is not the one under /info
(You can just copy the image from the customization of i000006.htm if that was already done there.)
  3. Any adjustments to the copyright notice and links depend on circumstances.  It is preferable to include a generic component, as done with this template.
  4. The version "0.00" text can stand as written.  Absolute hyperlinks in the text can be replaced by relative links once this page is being edited at its intended location.  Relative links should be reviewed to make sure they remain applicable.  (If the new page is at the same depth in the site as the template page, all relative URLs should remain correct so long as a pure copy operation was used.  [Save As ... in FrontPage rewrites links.])}
Revision History:
0.00 2005-08-17-09:32 Create Initial Placeholder {Customize}
Introduce an initial placeholder that serve as a target of links and provides a diary & job jar that can be employed immediately.  This page is a customization of the InfoNote Bootstrap Template 0.20 Diary & Job Jar.  A version from Develop InfoNote Bootstrap Template 0.20 Material was used.

Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area)
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