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{InfoNote Cover Page Customization:
   1. The material in braces, { ... }, is commentary and advice on how to customize the template to make an InfoNote.  The material can be deleted as the steps are carried out, leaving the customized InfoNote Bootstrap page for further editing and expansion of folio content.
   2. These template pages are designed for customization using FrontPage.  They were created using Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 (11.6356.6408) SP1.  For additional settings and assumptions about the template itself, consult the template-usage documentation as it becomes available.}
   1. The template pages have been copied to the target location where a new InfoNote is desired.  E.g., a location at the same folder depth as the template, such as /info/2005/06.  The templates have relative URLs and link fields that are based on an assumed folder depth from the root entry-point of the site.  Different situations require more customization than described here.  It is also assumed that that the template is copied to the target, not saved to the target.  In Microsoft FrontPage, Save As ... will rewrite relative links and that will have them be incorrect at the destination page.  Copying using the file system, Visual Source Safe sharing and branching, or copying in the FrontPage Folder List/Explorer view will avoid alterations to the template.
   2. The copied template pages have already been renamed with the identifier of the intended InfoNote, such as i050601.htm, i050601a.htm, etc.  Those are the pages in which these instructions are being read.
   3. An entry for the folio has been added to the InfoNotes Catalog with the identifier for the folio as a bookmark.  The title of the folio has been chosen.  Look at existing entries for examples.  During initial preparation of the bootstrap version, "placeholder" is often used for the status.
   4. The full prototyping of a folio uses all of the pages i000006.htm, i000006a.htm-i000006c.htm, i000006c.txt, and  Variations can omit i000006a.htm and independently.  If i000006c.txt and are omitted, the references in the placeholder status section of i000006c.htm must be repaired.  It is also possible to make independent use of i000006.htm, i000006a.htm, and i000006c.htm (with or without i000006c.txt and in specialized customizations and making additional sections of a folio.  The recommendation and assumption is that the fewest pages needed for bootstrapping are employed, with the slots for others kept available in case they are needed.}
{First Steps:
   1. Link the InfoNotes Catalog entry for this folio to this page.  Link from the ID and the Summary Title fields of the catalog entry.
   2. Using the File | Properties ... dialog, change the HTML page title of this page to the correct ID and Summary Title (e.g., "i050601: Symbols of Trust").
   3. In the title banner of this page, replace both occurrences of i000006 with the ID of this InfoNote.  The hyperlink of the first one should be a relative link to the bookmark on the InfoNote Catalog page (e.g., "../../i000001-log.htm#i050601").  The hyperlink of the second one should be a shortcut to this page itself.
   4. In the upper-right corner (the anchor block) of the page, change the names of the links to reflect the path to this page (e.g., "TROSTing>info>templates>00>" becomes "TROSTing>info>2005>06>").  Note that the relative links don't change, just the text, since the new page is at the same depth in the site as the template page, and the self-relative path back to the root is identical.}
{Moving On:
   1. Go to the bottom of this page and continue with the customization of the page-construction history there.
   2. Return here after any other pages, especially any Diary & Job Jar, are also customized and in effect.}

{Customize: The text of the folio cover goes here.}

{Page-Construction History:
   1. In the lower right corner, the "construction-history block," change the created date and time to record the creation of this page (not the template).  Specify the current time-zone offset and time-zone symbol for the local time. 
   2. The material between currency symbols is updated automatically by source-code control software and need not be adjusted.
   3. Adjust the Construction Zone link in the lower-left corner image to find the nearest superior construction zone if it is not the one under /info
   4. The version "0.00" text can stand as written.  Absolute hyperlinks in the text can be replaced by relative links once this page is being edited at its intended location.  Relative links should be reviewed to make sure they remain applicable.  (If the new page is at the same depth in the site as the template page, all relative URLs should remain correct so long as a pure copy operation was used.  [Save As ... in FrontPage rewrites links.])}
   5. If no job jar is being created in this folio, delete the mention in the Revision History note.  If a job jar is being created, make sure that the link is to the correct job-jar page (e.g., i050601a.htm)
{Next Page:
   1. It is usually preferable to set up any Diary & Job Jar page next, so that it can be put to use immediately.  In some cases (as was done in the example target, i050601) the Diary & Job Jar will be done earlier simply so it is available for capturing notes as quickly as possible.
   2. The folio cover page (this page) and any Diary & Job Jar are sufficient scaffolding for bootstrap of further content.  Any additional pages need only be customized before they are linked to from other already-customized pages.  The progressive addition of content and customization of additional template-originated pages can develop as appropriate for the specific situation.}

Revision History:
0.00 2005-08-17-13:25 Establish Placeholder for Pending Material
Also start a job jar page for recording work items for building more content.  This page is a customization of the InfoNote Bootstrap Template 0.20 template.  A version from Develop InfoNote Bootstrap Template 0.20 Material was used.

Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area)

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