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  2017-06-28 Move through the content items and weave into the latest Construction Structure and repaving.
  2006-01-30 I need a separate pattern catalog.  I have not created that.
  2006-01-29 I need to create an item on the UML dependency association and figure out how to characterize it so that I can create derivative notions based on it, including interpretation, representation, and procedure.
  2005-09-14 The TROST Glossary page needs to be linked from the index.htm as soon as it has been cleaned up enough for inclusion at a high level of visibility.
  2005-09-14 The TROST Pattern Language page needs to be linked from index.htm as soon as it has anything to look at.
  2005-09-14 Add a patterns page at this level and include i050901b.htm into it.
  2005-08-31 When the entrance here is updated to provide an organized view of the notes, the patterns need their own  page because of the expanded taxonomy and organization that is needed.
  2005-05-19 Make a pattern for the progressive account of software status (this is an upward deal to tie into support and service); tie into having the checking of status be supported in the artifact itself.
  2005-05-19 Make a pattern for the attestation of qualities for component software, including source materials.ware elements; a threat model is an example of an analysis that can be attested.
  2005-05-19 Make a pattern for authentication of a build (typically for a deployment).
  2005-05-19 Make a pattern for the repeatability of a build.  It is a simple expansion, maybe tied more to deployment.
  2005-05-19 Make a pattern for these standardized InfoNotes with accountable progression, verifiable package and experience.  The package may be include-paged into a low number for access from the catalog, but the current one will be a normal document.  There may be another InfoNote that describes how to use it.
  2005-05-02 I need to cache the SourceForge privacy and terms-of-use pages that apply to SourceForge from when we obtained approval there until we aren't there any more.
  2005-04-19 We need a privacy page and info about it, in the manner used for NuovoDoc.
  2005-04-19 I'm trapped in a chicken-and-egg problem.  There is a pattern or two, and information model, and an authentication concern all wrapped up in here.  There's a way to do it "light-weight" and I must not get my head wrapped around the axle here. I need to do a "good-enough" case and then work it to some level where it makes sense.  And I notice that there are things that, if set down in advance, would have made this easier, but I am building the thing that is needed for that and so the recursiveness of it all has to be accepted and dealt with appropriately for moving ahead.
  2005-04-19 Always having a way to do it manually and to access with minimal technology (to some degree of "minimal" is important to recognize here.
  2005-04-19 There is also a packaging convention that can be explained, including inclusion of the template with the document and also how the whole deal is done.  I don't know what pattern and packaging this is.  [dh:2005-05-19 It looks like there is an experience, accountable progression, and template application pattern involved.  There's nothing wrong with exhibition of multiple patterns.  Patterns are evoked.]
  2005-04-19 Beside the document template, there is also a TROST report style.  This information, and how it is addressed from what we want people to be able to count on, needs to be made explicit.
  2005-04-19 These notes exhibit some TROSTing patterns.  There need to be notes about that and also about the different ways they are used as exemplars. 
  2005-02-10 Do we really need a separate FAQ?  Probably, but not yet?
  2005-02-10 Make a note on the use of TROSTing as a gerund and what we want it to mean.  Tie in TROST and trustworthiness, open-systems, etc.
  2005-02-10 Make a note that identifies the domains we have reserved and the principle for their use.
2006-01-30 Create an info/2006/02 ready for the dependency article and also "The Working of Computation."
2006-01-30 Create an info/2006 folder ready for new material
done 2005-09-01 Update the index.htm so that people know what to expect beyond the provisional and bootstrap level.
done 2005-08-20 Change the title of this section and the catalog to InfoNotes, not Information Notes.  Apply that change to the Construction Zone too.
2005-05-20 Start a glossary by cloning the new template and then using the author bibliography on Orcmid's Lair as a pattern.  Cross-linking into a versioned glossary will be an interesting challenge.  There will need to be a way to deal with that.
2005-02-10 A glossary would be nice.
2005-05-21 For the templates, remember to add comments of the "cloned from blah-blah" internal to the HTML.  These need to be updated on all copy-forward actions, and that needs to be reflected in the discussion.
2005-05-20 The InfoNote template is a template, so the making and managing and accounting for the InfoNote template is a different thing.  It is more like a project (for which I need a template too.  Hmph.)  Also, there is the privileged slot in the InfoNote Catalog to be concerned with. (Technically, that involves something like an 0000/00 tree.) [dh:2005-05-20 i000006 is the (current) template.  It will be in /info/templates/00/.  i050502 p0505is the progressive account.  There will be cross-coupling and the template in use will link to its origin.][dh:2005-05-20 I think there are two folios beside the (current) template itself.  One is a project folio that manages the progression of versions, and retains them for review and application.  Then there is a folio about the application of the template.  This may be tied to a version and be progressive too, but that's all right. I suppose it might be tidy to package that with the versions in the initial file, but I am not sure about that.  It might be nicely consistent.][dh:2005-06-29 This was handled with a template and a project that manages the progression of the template.  That structure is in place for the InfoNote Template as of 2005-06-23 and the creation of a description for using the template is now part of that project.
2005-05-20 Make a template from i050401 and use it as the vacant case, similar to what I did with P050408.
  1. Clone i050401 (all of it) to i050500 i00006 (low-numbered so we can remember it).
  2. Give it minimal structure so that it is connected among itself.  (Rename to do that.)
  2.1 Make it connected for renaming
  2.2 Include HTML comments that tie the application of the template to its origin.  Put in enough self-referential material so that the template works as a progressive account for itself, or an InfoNote does (probably that case).
  2.3 Share into the development tree on Blocco and customize those portions there.
  3. Apply the template in making something, and replace it with notes and such as I do that.  The easy case is the InfoNote that is the progressive account of the InfoNote Boostrap Template. The template can't provide that for itself although it might tie to its progressive account. It is all fractally-recursive.
2005-05-19 Another way to do "templates" is to copy a mass set of pages at the correct level and then rename them.  This is not too bad.  It would be great if there were more customization that could be automated, but the movement of mass pages is a good start, and maybe tagging would provide for a rewriting system. Hmm, every page is a template for another.  Now, where did I hear myself say that before? [dh:2005-06-29 The other way is by branching and then renaming.  This has the value of providing continuity in the source-code version history, although that is not a big deal.]
2005-02-10 Create an i000006 template for Information Notes.  This would make further customization very straightforward.  This is like the idea of a template for project notes [dh:2005-05-19 Absolutely.  I may need templates customized at deeper levels to provide more automatic connection among the components, especially the relative upward links.  These can have instructions on the changes needed to ground them.  This becomes a manual system until we look at how we would automate it against a FrontPage-equipped server.]
2005-05-21 Now make a project (using the project template we just developed close enough) to develop the i000006 template here. We could have done that sooner, but we started templating here first.
done 2005-05-21 Make a project template, cloning the template tree here to make a P000006 there.  This is a little tricky and explained there, but the template is very much like the InfoNote Boostrap Template except it is a project template, eventually.
done 2005-05-19 Establish i050501 for Pattern: Build Component Software. 
done 2005-04-19 Create i050401 for the TROST report template and carry more material into its job jar.
done 2005-02-10 Scrub the catalog and tidy up for commencement of TROSTing Information Notes
done 2005-02-10 Correct the title block and page properties when we have the customization completed.  [dh:2005-02-10 Reflect glitches back on NuovoDoc]
done 2005-02-10 Fix up the bottom block here to recognize presence of a construction zone, validate the orcmid link, and introduce nofollow.
done 2005-02-09 Bring pages over here until can come through and rebuild for TROST.
0.00 2005-02-09-16:48 Establish Initial info/ Diary
Scavenge material from NuovoDoc /info for customization as initial scaffolding for this section.

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