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In exploring what it means to associate trustworthiness with software, I chose to look at the software delivery process, what we have come to call the deployment of the software into use.  That led me to wonder how to characterize just exactly what is delivered and the relationship in which its producers and adopters are engaged.  From there it became important to understand how we manage to have a computer carry out procedures of which it can have no comprehension of the intended purpose.  Building from that perspective, I propose to tease out exactly how it is that computation works and what it takes to arrive at computer-augmented systems in support of human enterprise.

— Dennis E. Hamilton
Seattle, Washington
February 3, 2006

1. Approach

This TROST InfoNote is the first stage of a five-part development.  The culmination is an approach to the trustworthy accomplishment of computer-augmented systems:

A. What Computers Know
Establishing that the innate behavior of a computer lacks all knowledge of the external world and the purpose for the computational procedures that are performed
B. The Working of Computation
The relationship between the representation of a computation as carried out by computer and the purposeful function it realizes
C. What Programmers (Should) Know
The invention required to establish a computer representation that fits the intended purpose and use of the computational procedure
D. Enterprise-Situated Computing
The life cycles in which software, its support and its revisions are introduced into the work processes and activities of an enterprise
E. Trustworthy Accomplishment
Practices by which trustworthiness is demonstrated and preserved in the stages of software development and in the engagement of developers and adopters as the software is introduced, maintained, and ultimately retired

2. Document Engineering

3. Additional Resources

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