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Recommended Web Page Insertion

The following code is provided for cut-and-past inclusion into an appropriate place in an HTML page:

<!-- Creative Commons License -->
<a rel="license" 
<img alt="Creative Commons License" border="0" 
     src="" /></a><br />
This work is licensed under a 
<a rel="license" 
   href="">Creative Commons License</a>.
<!-- /Creative Commons License -->


<rdf:RDF xmlns=""
<Work rdf:about="">
<license rdf:resource="" />

<License rdf:about="">
<permits rdf:resource="" />
<permits rdf:resource="" />
<requires rdf:resource="" />
<requires rdf:resource="" />
<permits rdf:resource="" />



The material leads to appearance of the Creative Commons "Some Rights Reserved" symbol with appropriate links to the license statement on the Creative Commons Site.  In addition to providing the links, there is a comment that includes an XML <rdf>-element.  This element provides license metadata that can be recognized and extracted by tools that examine the HTML coding of a web page.

Usage Considerations

The code was obtained from <> on 2005-04-22Z08:27Z.  There is a supporting tutorial.

Note that the Creative Commons thumbnail will be blocked as an advertisement by many firewalls.  To have it show up without blocking, the image must be fetched from the same site as the page, generally.  This means using a copy of the Creative Commons thumbnail.  The use of a copy will also inhibit the delivery of a cookie, which is a good thing.  Otherwise, I can't use the symbol. Also, I don't know what will serve to make the links work and not be seen as ads.  It may be the form of the embedded URL.  This will take some experimentation.

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This page preserves the recommendation for notice in web pages and provides any explanation and variation that we introduce for appearance on pages of this site.

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This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons License.

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