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A running diary and job jar of work items and notes on the TROST Creative Commons License materials




  2005-06-17 On the deeds and license statements, there needs to be clear cases that these are not covered under the license offered on this site, but under Creative Commons itself.  The attribution policy must make clear exceptions for this and I need to also raise the level of care to avoid enveloping someone else's copyrighted material.  This is similar to the open-source envelop case for material with different authorship and with different license and notice requirements.
  2005-06-17 Attribution needs to be a new bullet at the top of the deed specimen.
  2005-06-17 Attribution needs to be discussed on the folio cover page along with the other intentions and the trustworthiness angle.
  2005-06-17 Split out completed work items into a history/archive page so this page is easier to review for open items.
  2005-06-17 Version this page
  2005-06-17 The Web Text Notice needs to be modified or augmented by the approach I have used to handle my standard "you are here" and avoidance of filtering as a banner ad.
  2005-06-17 Contact CC about the changes that I am making because of the [AD] situation.
in progress 2005-06-17 Create a generic attribution requirement for these web pages, with examples.
  2005-06-17 The CC logo is treated as an ad and suppressed by some firewalls, including the low-risk settings of my software firewall, ZAPro.  Review the pages here and reflect that I am deviating from the strict requirement.  See the best way to reflect a change like that.
  2005-04-29 Test all of the pages and the links in the posted version of this folio, making corrections as needed.
  2005-04-28 Do we want to specify a form of attribution for these pages?  [dh:2005-05-04 I don't think it is needed for these pages, although it might be on a copyright page linked from the copyright notice, when there is one.  Attribution is mostly not interesting for ordinary web pages.  But I'm still thinking it over.  Maybe a default when no other attribution is specified.][dh:2005-06-17 Because we need to use normal text links to here and to the license at CC, there is an opportunity to tie to an attribution requirement in conjunction with our inclusion.  This would be preserved and shared under both by2.0 and by2.5.]
  2005-04-24 We need to find a reference for the .mht format and how to view it and how to understand its format, as part of providing a rigorous account for TROSTing.
in progress
2005-04-24 Request permission for this use of the Creative Commons trademarks and reproduction of their forms.
done 2005-08-14 Announce that we will be going to Copyright Commons Attribution 2.5, and that it will be blended in as needed.  There is no rush, what we have is compatible either way.
done 2005-08-14 Permalink the cover page.
done 2005-08-14 Make suitable qualification of "All" to deal with original work only, linking to something about original works in the beginning of the note cover sheet.  I need to do something more about software, too. I'm pretty sure I want to use AFL 2.1.  [E.g., the thesis Intellectual Property and Licenses dissertation section could be brought out as an InfoNote.  This InfoNote is related to a pattern that we want to talk introduce too.]
done 2005-08-14 Switch the format here to always shifting completed items to the bottom, in ascending chronological sequence.
done 2005-05-05 Review all of these pages to make sure that they have been adjusted for the Creative Commons License notice in the bottom-of-page "You are here" block: i050403, i050403b, i050403c, i050403d, i050403e, i050403f.
2005-04-24 Also make contact with Creative Commons about what I want to do in Word documents.
done 2005-05-03 i050403: Make "that apply to us of Creative" to "that apply to use of Creative"
done 2005-05-03 i050403: Make "software and its documentation is" into "software and its documentation are"
2005-04-29 On the page with the non-web text approach, indicate that a local link is "nofollow," rather than to "license."  All rel="license" license links agree with the RDF.
2005-04-29 On the deed replica, the attribution information next to the BY: icon is in too-small type
2005-04-28 Extend the Creative Commons license form to the "You are here" blocks of construction material and of construction structure."
done 2005-04-28 Verify that we have used rel="license" everywhere it is needed on C000005c.htm. [dh:2005-04-28 We only use that attribute on the anchor that carries the image.  We do not use it on the link in the text that goes to our replica of the license.  That is rel="nofollow" and we don't want to do that differently, for now.]
done 2005-04-28 Correctly customize the title on i050403e.htm
done 2005-04-28 Use replica rather than copy whenever referring to the pages that present the Creative Commons license materials.  This is an useful and informal distinction.
done 2005-04-28 Repair the first "fine print" block on the legal code page to have a white background, eliminating the odd style that over-rode the original CSS style and apparently doesn't do what was intended.
done 2005-04-28 Have the Creative Commons logos on the deed and legal code pages link to their respective, current originals on the CC site.
done 2005-04-28 Put a version of the by20.gif image in the images directory too, so it can be referenced by the include page used to place notices on pages of this site.
2005-04-26 Express our intention clearly on the i050403 folio cover page.
2005-04-26 Make clear that i050403b and i050403c (and i050403d when carrying a transcription) are intended to be unmodified versions of the ones obtained from the Creative Commons site.
2005-04-26 Locate our Policies replica page from i050403b.
done 2005-04-26 Locate the original page in i050403d.
2005-04-25 Have the version histories at i050403b and i050403c locate the original pages.
2005-04-25 Pull the web-formatting information from the folio cover page to another page, or else work it into a much better layout.
2005-04-25 Adjust the standard page "You are here" to contain all of the web-formatted information that makes a page under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license.   That should show up here too.
2005-04-25 Retrofit some of the formatting improvements on i050403c to i050403b (like not too much lead at the border inside boxes) so that the layout is closer to the original.
2005-04-25 Cleanup the version history on i050403b the same way as on i050403c
2005-04-24 Review the viewable web documents to ensure that nofollow links are used as appropriate to the non-CC locations of the materials: i050403c, i050403b, i050403, i050403d, i050403e, i050403f
done 2005-04-26 Acquire an independent copy of the by20.gif image for standalone use and use in the i050403e specimen page.
2005-04-24 Cache the non-internet instruction here if needed.  We will follow it for word documents. [dh:2005-04-26 Oops, I didn't cache it when I was collecting the other material.  Had to go back for it.]  It is in a pop-up with access code that must be preserved here in linking to the page.
2005-04-24 Make a cache backup copy of the trademark policy that applies at this time also.
2005-04-22 Correct the folio-cover back link on i050402a - it goes to the wrong page
done 2005-04-25 Cleanup the version history text on i050403c to state the derivation of the page from the CC site more accurate.
done 2005-04-25 On a wide page, the material on i050403c is spread out funny.  Consider (1) making the default text size larger and (2) moving the split in the BY: Attribution piece proportionally to the left in the page.
done 2005-04-25 The i050403c Popup icon gets the pop-up file but it doesn't pop up, it works as a plain-vanilla link. (And its "close window" link closes the browser, because it isn't in a pop-up. [dh:2005-04-25 There was no on-click to generate the pop-up]
done 2005-04-25 The i050403c "Disclaimer" link works but the pop-up doesn't find the right file. [dh:2005-04-25 The on-click URL was relative, rather than an absolute one to the Creative Commons one.]
done 2005-04-25 Upload the provisional folio to the site and verify that the pop-ups and links work.
done 2005-04-24 Download the style sheets so we can match the background colors of the material.
done 2005-04-24 Download the three deed images and have them available as part of the cache.
done 2005-04-24 Make a web-viewable version of the deed on the same place as the .mht file.
done 2005-04-24 Cache the CC deed of the attribution version 2 license (MHTML file format) so that we preserve a copy of the license as it was understood at the time of our adoption.
done 2005-04-24 It would be great to add transparency to the Creative Commands splash image so that it renders on the background of the page that is use. [dh:2005-04-24 problem solved by using the matching background color, though transparency would still be cool.]
done 2005-04-24 Make a web-viewable version at the same place as the .mht file for Attribution 2.0.
done 2005-04-24 Cache the CC attribution license version 2 (MHTML file format) here so we always have a copy to show people, even if the Creative Commons version is obsoleted or replaced.
done 2005-04-22 Download the agreement documents and related pages in cached form for preservation based on the versions we are using and their currency.
done 2005-04-22 Download the non-internet instructions and materials
done 2005-04-22 Download the web page instructions and boilerplate
done 2005-04-22 Create this page with the Lab Notebook folio style

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