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1. Summary

1.1 The original literary works served on the site and its mirror sites are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license.  This license provides very simple conditions for compliance, as explained in the Deed.  This license is intended for literary works in text, video, and audio forms of analog and digital media. 

1.2 Although software and its documentation are often covered under different licenses, all software for which source code is provided here is safe to operate with as if the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license applied.  We do not here provide source code that has any stricter copyright licensing conditions.

2. Statement of Intent

2.1 Our intention is that the copyright status and the license status of all material is known, that it is a simple matter to confirm the status of all material, and that any compliance with license requirements be straightforward and simple to carry out.  In fact, if one simply assumes that attribution is required, it will be difficult to go wrong.

2.2 There may be other materials subject to different licenses, or having different owners.  That material will be used and identified in a way that makes the existence of any separate license clear.  There will be easily-recognizable indications where additional restrictions are present and these can be understood before access is made to any material covered by the restrictions.  We shall not commingle material in a way that could lead to confusion.

3. Trustworthiness Considerations

3.1 In addition to wanting readers and users of this site to be able to use the material in the generous manner provided under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license, additional steps provide assurance of trustworthiness and reliability in the notices we provide.

3.2 The official definitions and documents of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license are provided on the Creative Commons web site.  There are local replicas of the principle documents that apply to the use of Creative Commons licenses on  In all places where a Creative Commons license is cited, there is a link to a local replica along with the requisite link to content on the Creative Commons site.  This redundancy serves two purposes:

3.3 The Creative Commons organization exhibits great care in preserving stable license versions.  If there is advantage to adoption of a replacement license, adoption may commence as new and revised materials are introduced.  Application to already-published material will depend on the nature of the change and determining whether the license remains at least as generous as the current Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license.

3.4 Any actions to remedy a discovered imperfection or defect in the effective use of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license will depend on the specific circumstances.  At this point there is no known circumstance that couldn't be accommodated by updating this material and the relevant notices included on the web pages of this site.

3.5 Any requests from authors and copyright owners to take down material will also be honored as individual circumstances require.

4. Available Material

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