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This page is obsolete.  It was supplanted by contact-page version 0.40.

For a Failure or Security Incident  involving TROSTing or any site,
use the Emergency Contact Procedure.  For a problem with, contact that site.

Many users of SourceForge are already comfortable with the use of e-mail discussion lists.  There are a number of tips and rules-of-the road that participants pick up over time.  A number of these tips, and links to appropriate contacts and services, are gathered here for the newcomer to open-source community-participation practices.

The most important prerequisite is a respectable off-line mail reader.  You might be able to work with an on-line, web-interface mail system, but it can be cumbersome and you'll need to be able to have it create plaintext and not go heavy on advertisements.  I'm pretty sure you'll hate receiving TROST-Discuss mailings on your Personal Digital Assistant, iPod or cellular phone too.  If, on the other hand, you require special arrangements for accessibility and these arrangements aren't working for you, let us know or have someone contact us.  We want to have accessibility just work and we'll need your advice and assistance in whatever we have to make that happen and confirm that it is working properly.

With that basic ground rule taken care of, here's the rest that you may find handy to know about.

1. Need Personal Contact?  Is It Urgent?
2. Using the TROST Discussion List
3. Viewing the TROST-Discuss List
4. Posting to TROST-Discuss

1. Need Personal Contact?  Is It Urgent?

2. Using the TROST Discussion List

The TROST-Discuss list on SourceForge is the primary vehicle for TROST-related discussions, questions, feedback, suggestions and contributions.

3. Viewing the TROST-Discuss List

4. Posting to TROST-Discuss

Finally, if you haven't done so recently, it is wise to review the SourceForge privacy and terms-of-use statements linked at the bottom of all of the TROST-discuss web pages.  Mostly, just use common sense.  It's all designed to work and no one is out to make you fail.  It just feels that way sometimes.  For me, asking questions always helps.

-- Dennis E. Hamilton
2005 May 2


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