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1. The subpages of this InfoNote Folio will be used as the basis for the contact.htm page.  That page, in the root folder, will always provide current information.  The content for contact.htm is currently included from

2. At some point a page will be frozen and a new one started up in order to preserve any important-to-account-for progression of the work.

3. We tend to keep a progression of cross-linked major versions always available for exploration and examination.  That need not be of any concern to visitors to this site.  It may be of interest, however, as an illustration of accountability patterns that arise in TROSTing a software development.

0.45 2005-08-13-00:26 Adjust for smoother contact presentation
There are some adjustments based on experience with the ODMA contact page, and that inspires further improvements here, including introduction of permalinks, a cross-cutting pattern.
0.40 2005-05-07-14:45 Branch to a new base Contact page.
0.26 2005-05-03-17:31 Make corrections and adjustments based on proof-reading
0.25 2005-05-02-23:03 Update to reflect availability of a complete contact fact sheet
The initial Welcome message posted to SourceForge has been expanded and updated as the contact information page for this site.  This is the first polished version with complete-as-we-know it material.
0.00 2005-04-19-16:38 create  placeholder to morph into the necessary material
Incorporate job jar and use it to drive the completion of essential items here, providing an initial skeleton for more content.

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