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2011-11-12-21:40 -0800

This is the TROSTing web site /images folder.  The folder is generally not expected to be reachable by direct navigation.  This page is provided as a precaution, ensuring that all reachable areas are controlled by web pages.

The folder contains stock images (such as the ones on this page) that can be used from anywhere on the site.  It is set up along with FrontPage extensions.  There is a general web-site convention that heavily-used images be retained in a folder such as this. 

Important Note: This directory is not private.  It is possible to discover the images that are retained here by examination of reachable pages.  Nevertheless, no shortcuts should be made to these images from pages outside of this site.  There is no promise to preserve the names, locations, or form of any of these images except as required for internal consistency of the site.

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