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A running job jar of ideas and notes on the construction of TROSTing on the web. 
This page provides current and recently-completed items.  Pages for ancient items are found through the revision history of this page.




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TROSTing Is Being Repaved.

The Construction Structure and Content of this site is being repaved by customization of material scavenged from other nfoCentrale sites and the systematic upgrade of the style of this site.

Check the Repaving Project pages for additional details on the approach and its tracking.  Contact the TROSTing technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


  2011-11-29 c000001 provide revision history for the catalog too.
  2011-11-25 c111101 promises mailing lists and bug reporting for TROSTing projects.  This needs to be hooked up at SourceForge and then located from material here (and vice versa).
  2011-11-25 The repaving of an existing site, and the maintenance of nfoCentrale style is rather painful.  I think it is time to capture the style rules (at and also look to ways where the process can be expedited and computer-assisted.  So nfoWorks will help and there is grist for more patterns here too.
in progress 2011-11-20 Repave template folios c000002, c000003, c000004, c000005
in progress 2011-11-12 Repave down through templates/00/ and the template groups
  2011-11-12 At the end of all this the documented procedure should be carried to nfoCentrale where it can be reused for other sites.
  2011-11-12 #9 Create the Construction Structure and Construction Zone on the Front Porch for further expansion of the repaving.
  2005-06-16 The notion of having a single place with the construction history of the site needs to be cleaned up in the Construction Office Materials index.htm description.
  2005-06-16 Because the index.htm page of a section that has another default home page is not easily accessed (except by fabricating the URL), any construction zone page should find it. [dh:2011-11-12 The standard nfoCentrale repaving will clear this up.]
  2005-06-16 The construction structure and the use of construction zones and related documentation is also part of the ad hoc TROSTing of the site.  Tie that in here.  I can borrow some of the front-porch construction zone narrative for that.
in progress 2005-06-13 Review this section for adequacy when entered from the front-porch in early-engagement activities.  Include index.htm, the construction zone, job jar, & catalog.
  2005-04-30 Touch up the bottom bar of all of the construction material pages here so that they show the Creative Commons notice properly.  This can be done as customization of that material is completed before the "open for inspection" stage.  c000000, c000001, c000002, c000002a, C000003, C000003d, C000004, C000004d, C000005, C000005d, construction.htm, index.htm, orcmid.htm
  2005-04-10 Modify the title logo Include Pages to employ hardhat-thumb, not hardhat-logo, and see if we can delete the hardhat-logo image completely.  We should not need it any longer, and the exact-sized one works much better.
  2005-02-07 Check the properties and page titles for all of the provisional pages
done 2011-11-29 c000001 Correct the lin-by-name to template c000006.
2011-11-25 c111101 has a dependency on c000006 for a ClustrMap
2011-11-22  Add template c000006 for ClusterMap insertion template
done 2011-11-27 Bring ClustrMap as c000006 to templates from nfoWorks.  Then set up before deploying it.
2011-11-27 Share the branched pages and folders back to the mirror-site image so that the web site can be synchronized with what is being done here.
2011-11-12 Repave down through 2011/11 and folio c111101.
2011-11-12 #8 Repair the c111101 include pages for repaving of this site.
2011-11-12 #7 Figure out what to cleanup in the templates to get by.
2011-11-20 c000001: Add non-template content to the catalog
2005-02-07 Create an inventory for the minimal sections and clean them up: construction, _private, images
2011-11-12 Fill in the repaved construction structure: index.htm, construction.htm, c000000, c000001
done 2011-11-19 While here, change the Title, grounding of this page (it's c000000, not C000000), and the properties too.  We are into UTF-8 around here.
done 2011-11-12 Create 2011/11/ Repaving Folio, cloning the tree from nfoCentrale so that it can be customized from here.
done 2011-11-12 Make further renaming of template folios so that there is consistency with the current nfoCentrale standard structure.
done 2011-11-12 Create templates/00/ structure and move c000002 through c000005 template blocks there.
done 2011-11-12 Rename c000001-log.htm to c000001.htm.
done 2011-11-12 #6.5 Share the unshared material with the hosted-site mirror and publish to the site before doing anything more.
done 2011-11-12 #6 attempt to rename the 2010/05 branch to 2011/11 and then rename c100501-s to c111101-s.
done 2011-11-12 #5 Move the renamed construction level to templates/00/
done 2011-11-12 #4 at the construction/ level rename c00000xc to c00000xd, c00000xb to c00000xc, c00000xa to c00000xb
done 2011-11-12 #3 Now at the construction/ level delete c00000x and c00000xd.  Recalculate Hyperlinks.   If there are c000002-s in the construction level only, move them to templates/00/
done 2011-11-12 #2 In the templates/00 keep the index.htm and the c00000x, c00000xa, and c00000xf.
done 2011-11-12 #1 In VSS, share the nfoCentrale construction/2010/05/c100501 structure and the template/00/c000000-c000005 structure to construction/ here, and branch it for independent refinement.
done 2011-11-12 #0 In VSS, branch the c000002-c000005 clusters and delete the hosted-site mirror version.  If necessary, branch the c000001-log delete the hosted-site mirror, rename as c000001 and reshare to the hosted-site mirror
done 2005-07-21 OK, let's do it to all of the standard-content pages.
done 2005-07-21 If we like how that goes, do one for the construction-structure pages, and see if it blends all right.  [dh:2005-07-21 After I set the transparency it all worked just fine.]
done 2005-07-21 Try out the symbol of trust on the construction-material pages, see how it goes.
done 2005-06-17 Correct the by2.0 link to use /by/2.0/ in all of the hard links.  c000003c.htm, c000004c.htm, c000005c.htm
done 2005-06-17 Add item about this in the InfoNote and also note that we are targeting the local copy, which may be a good way to specify attribution.  That solves another problem.
done 2005-06-17 Update the hosted site and confirm that the solution works.
done 2005-06-17 Make the other you are here blocks the same: C000004c and C000005c.
success 2005-06-17 I am trying different things to get the CC logo to not be recognized as adware. 
1. Change the name of the image to ccby20.gif.  No impact except it updated every page on the site. no change.
2. Remove the dimensions - FrontPage won't let me do it.
3. Remove the link on the image and move it to the text.  Add the local link to the "licensed" phrase, and take advantage of that.  This seems to work.  It is done first on the Construction Structure "you are here" block.
done 2005-06-13 Review the C000002 page for validity as part of early-engagement.  Give it a construction page and manage its customization there.
2005-02-07 Upgrade the index to the images folder
2005-02-07 Upgrade the index to the _private folder
2005-02-07 Make a default page that is more interesting. [dh:2005-06-06 At some point we want a real default.asp or default.htm page.]
done 2005-06-06 Correct the orcmid.htm link to NuovoDoc.
done 2005-06-06 Touch up index.htm to provide a brief overview of the construction section for visitors to the provisional description at the front porch.
done 2005-05-21 Check and correct C000005c for whole-page on the relative site link.
done 2005-05-21 Check and correct C000004c to relatively link properly, if needed.  Make whole-page link too.
done 2005-05-21 Correct C000003c to relatively link the same way as C000005c.  Make explicitly whole-page too.
done 2005-05-20 Correct C000005c to relatively link to the root properly.
done 2005-04-30 Touch up the "What's an Orcmid?" page too.
 done 2005-04-30 Touch up the bottom bar of the construction zone here so that it shows the Creative Commons notice properly.
 done 2005-02-07 Customize the catalog enough to reflect the provisional situation
 done 2005-02-07 Share placeholders onto so that domain name can be redirected.
done 2005-02-07 Create an orcmid.htm page here to field the links that are here already.
done 2005-02-07 Customize enough construction material to allow the Include Pages to be restored.
 done 2005-02-07 Make crude placeholder to provide a target for the domain name, then come back and clean things up.
0.01 2011-11-19-15:13 Repaving Adventures
The repaving effort is now set up enough to commence.  The first part is to get the repaving structure itself set up (and perhaps add a ClustrMap folder while we're at it).
0.00 2005-02-07 Initial Placeholder
The content of this section consists of boilerplate extracted from other sites.  There is enough to make the initial construction structure be complete, but the construction material and template information is inaccurate and only partially customized for this site.  We customize the least material to allow new sections to be built and populated.  The completion of customization here is a low priority.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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