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These are the completed items from the bootstrapping stage of the TROSTing root (Front-Porch) section.  The most-recent items, including ones that are currently-open are found at the main Diary & Job Jar page.  Historical collections of completed items are linked in the history on that page.




success 2005-06-17 I am trying different things to have the CC Commons logo not trigger a banner-ad suppresion in ZAPro (and who knows what other firewalls and antimalware tools).  I changed the name of the icon and it makes no difference, but I must now update the includes.  This problem is taken to the construction office.
done 2005-06-16 Make the TROSTing.htm page the one linked as "About TROST" but then include index.htm for now.
done 2005-06-16 Link SourceForge mention in the index.htm first section to the project page on SourceForge.
done 2005-06-16 Link the construction.htm page back to the index.htm page of the section so it is reachable even when it is not the default page of the section. [I need to look at that as a policy - noted in the Construction Office]
done 2005-06-16 Tweak the construction zone description a little bit, though a picture is better (to be done in the Construction Zone).
2005-06-13 Version this construction zone diary & job jar to permit movement of completed items out of the way.
2005-06-13 Correct the appearance of index.htm on the construction.htm page - use <tt>.
2005-06-13 Review the Construction Zone (and construction.htm page) for consistency when accessed from index.htm.
2005-06-13 Review the front-porch construction zone (construction.htm) as it reads when found from index.htm
2005-06-12 Capture "confirmable experience" investigation of the [AD] problem with the Creative Commons icon. [dh:2005-06-12 I have the compagno-side of it and what it is like to view on compagno.  After I upload, I will look at capturing what it looks like viewing the hosted site.][dh:2005-06-17 I have all of that.  My workaround is to not have any link behind the CC logo.  I will have to clear it.  I need to let them know about it.  I can also use this as a great example of problem vs. solution.  Actually this is a cool example of that.]
done 2005-06-12 The construction icon should say Construction Zone and link to the zone page, not index.htm.
2005-06-12 Figure out why the Creative Commons log shows up as an ad when browsed locally and see how to alter that. [dh:2005-06-12 It is apparently because we have an image with a hard link to a different site.  I don't know if it would do the same if the image were also distant, but I want it to work all the time, so I am making the link behind the logo be to the local cache, and the URL in the text link be to the copy at the creative commons site.  Nope, that's not it.  It is that ZAPro classifies the entry as a banner/skyscraper ad.  I must use a table to split the image from the notice and I can probably restore the original links.  I will need tables in all cases.  So there will be tables in tables.  Yuck.  No, that doesn't work either.  I don't know what it is any more.  Also, in accessing, it doesn't happen on all pages.  I don't know the difference.]
done 2005-06-06 On default.htm, use &nbsp; to encourage proper line breaking and preservation of the intended three-pane layout.
2005-06-06 The construction structure and the use of construction zones and related documentation is also part of the ad hoc TROSTing of the site.  Tie that in at some point.  [dh:2005-06-12 That's done in the zone here.  I need to see what it says in the construction office and make sure there is a work item there as needed.]
2005-06-06 The construction zone here could use some more guidance and information about how zones are found, how zones are organized, and other elements.  There should be some tie-in to the Construction Office, too.
done 2005-06-06 Take out the world-wide piece in the index.htm statement.
done 2005-06-05 Tie the contact.htm page into the front porch.
done 2005-06-05 Use the NuovoDoc pane structure to make a new default page here.  It is still all under construction, but it can be nicers.
2005-05-09 Make the knothole more visually interesting, make lists of items rather than burying the links in prose.
done 2005-05-07 It's been 2005 for some time now, Dennis, watch out for the tendency to use the month in the year, and vice versa.
done 2005-05-07 Tidy the index.htm here, not using the same terms ("connection point") in close proximity, and it is "whine" not "wine."
done 2005-05-05 Correct the incorrect link behind the CC "some rights reserved" logo to correctly access the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Deed on the Creative Commons site.
done 2005-04-30 Touch up the root section pages now and make sure the bottom block lays out all right with reasonable screen widths. [dh:2005-04-30 The contact.htm page is repaired when the info section pages are tidied up.]
done 2005-04-30 The increased amount of text, plus image, in the "You are Here" block on the bottom of most pages requires that the table cell be expanded.  Do this whenever one of the pages is touched for any other purpose.  It is just routine touching up until we get it done or do a full search for any remaining exceptions.  [Delegate this item into subordinate folders.]
2005-02-09 Revise index.htm to account for the fact that currently the work is to put the basic scaffolding in place and establish the /info, /projects, and /construction sections.  We are also puzzling over how to blend in the SourceForge TROST project.  Some sort of connection needs to be created. [dh:2005-04-30 The SourceForge part will be handled under the TROST engagement activity.]
done 2005-02-09 Tie the default page to the index.htm page (and link to Construction Structure).
2005-02-09 Work the title of the site into the default page, and also work a link and title into the large hard-hat image.
done 2005-02-09 Create a projects section for project-management of the TROST effort.  The project plan goes here, along with the other statements related to TROST.  The dissertation does not.
2005-02-09 The Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License should be linked from all of the base pages.  This could be done in the "you are here" block.
2005-02-09 Populate the a TROSTing.htm page with material from an Info notebook. [dh:2005-04-30 For the moment, we will make a knot-hole folio in the Construction Office, and include it into a knothole.htm page in the root here.  We'll develop a what-it-is TROSTing page next, and then link the entrance to that page. ][dh:2005-05-07 Actually, we simply used the index.htm as the knothole reached by the default.asp page. It works just fine for now.]
done 2005-02-09 Create an info section for information about TROST and TROSTing.
done 2005-02-07 Publish a minimal but moderately coherent placeholder to hosted location and activate the domain name and a web-forwarding for it.
2005-02-07 Create an introductory statement to use as a foyer and set expectations for what is happening here.  Reflect the source-forge agreement. [dh:2005-06-16 I did that "good enough" although it will need more preview tweaking]
2005-02-07 Add a contacts statement/page.
2005-02-07 Add an intellectual property statement for this site. [dh:2005-05-09 This got handled with the Creative Commons license and the proposal to SourceForge, pending some sort of agreement on the Creative Commons trademarks.]
done 2005-02-07 Bring over the default.htm page and customize to this site as default.asp; it is essentially a blank wall with a crack into the construction area.  Indicate that this is a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 site.
done 2005-02-07 Bring over the index.htm and customize for this site.
done 2005-02-07 Customize the construction.htm page needed here.  Make sure there are placeholder targets for C000003a.htm, C000003b, and C000003c.  Make all of the bottom block links be nofollows.
done 2005-02-07 Start with nofollow on the bottom block links immediately.  Make sure there are placeholder targets for C000004a.htm, C000004b, and C000004c.  Make a target for construction/orcmid.htm that works for now.
done 2005-02-07 Following creation of the subweb on the Compagno development web server and the FrontPage Server Extensions generation, add a construction folder and then share content into all of the folders from existing site pages.  Customize the index.htm page of each folder for use on TROSTing.
done 2005-02-07 Create a minimal construction zone here with simple description.
0.00 2005-02-07-19:20 Establish Bootstrapping of Front-Porch Construction Zone
Start with a minimal construction zone and work the build-up to something more presentable for a construction-stage preview.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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