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TROSTing Is Being Repaved.

The Construction Structure and Content of this site is being repaved by customization of material scavenged from other nfoCentrale sites and the systematic upgrade of the style of this site.

Check the Repaving Project pages for additional details on the approach and its tracking.  Contact the TROSTing technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


  2014-02-08 Create review of subordinate-structure repaving updating and managed completion of repaving.
in progress 2014-02-08 Review front-porch for latest Construction Structure styles and formats: index.htm, construction.htm, c000000.htm, c000000a.htm, default.htm, contact.htm, trosting.htm, livesearchauth.xml. 
  2011-11-27 This might be the site "Reboot" after Bootstrap.  There would need to be an explanation somewhere.
  2011-11-26 Clean up i050402 (contact.htm source) as part of repaving.
  2011-11-26 Create a templates/ structure in case such a thing arises
  2011-11-26 Create a patterns structure for TROST-related design patterns
  2011-11-26 Set up projects/ repaving
  2011-11-26 Set up info/ repaving
in progress
2011-11-26 Set up dev/ repaving
  2011-11-26 Repave the simple folders _private/ and images/
in progress
2011-11-26 Add Clustrmap on the default page once a ClustrMap is set up. [dh:2011-11-27 Don't do anything to the default page until we have it generated from a folio.  We will also start the Reboot topic.]
  2011-11-26 cgi-bin/ Add as a "blind" directory and then set it up to be inaccessible on the server
  2011-11-26 c000000: When the top-level repaving is done, spawn a c000000b too and fix the cross-referencing history.
  2011-11-26 TROSTing.htm: Add to the history of an infoNote and serve content from there in the next major content revision.
  2011-11-25 The default.htm page needs to be created from a folio for historical purposes.  [dh:2017-07-01
  2011-11-20 Need to consider privacy statement that works considering the site is commercially-hosted and anchored, and also avoid anything about privacy of a mirror or equivalent.  So the privacy statement must be specific to nfoCentrale-anchored properties, it seems.
  2005-07-20 It would be interesting to have a little history of the home page as it evolved.  I can make a folio that has that, though I don't know what to do about the include pages that are part of it, including the pieces that are altered dynamically (like VSS label fields).  I think I can do all of that, but it is not literally accurate, except in some special flattened form that is no longer subject to dynamic creation-side updating.  [dh:2005-08-11 There needs to be a general construction treatment on how all of this works, either in Construction here or in an overall place, such as]
in progress 2005-06-13 Review construction/ for adequacy when reached as part of an engagement visit.  Review from perspective of default entry to the section from the TROST front porch (e.g., index.htm).
  2005-06-13 Review the contact.htm page for engagement utility (default.asp and index.htm). [dh:2005-07-19 The one on ODMA is better.  The improvements should be retrofitted back to the TROSTing version.]
  2005-06-13 ODMref 1.0 section under ActiveODMA needs to have enough structure that it is understandable when linked from the TROST front porch.
  2005-06-13 Expand the TROST Pilot entrance to provide more about what's available, what the structure is, and how to find things.
  2005-06-13 Add the About TROST page and link from index.htm and the default.asp page. [dh:2005-06-16 the construction preview uses index.htm as an include page to accomplish this initially.][dh:2005-07-19 This needs to be moved into an included folio, and it can be IncludePaged into index.htm initially, and then cloned into a trost.htm or similar page.]
  2005-06-13 Review NuovoDoc front-porch for consistency with and support of TROSTing engagement
  2005-06-13 Consider upgrading to Creative Commons license Attribution 2.5 site-wide, after capturing everything I need to throw the switch.  See notebook #45.103-105.  [dh:2005-07-19 I have started doing that in the *.txt pages that include non-web license statements.  I think this change can be done at will, and it illustrates an important feature of dependency-configuration management to go through the versioning and maybe even the packaging.  It would be good to sequester them the way they are, maybe?]
in progress 2005-06-06 Follow each link from the home page (default.htm) and from the index.htm page and make sure the destinations are in reasonable shape for early visitors.  Inventory the go-live preconditions here, too, and make sure those are ready. [dh:2005-06-13 See 2005-04-30 entry, below]
  2005-06-05 Tie in some sort of status page, but it might be more of a portal into a status section somewhere. [dh:2005-06-13 fill in the link on the current TROSTing front porch.  A placeholder works too.]
  2005-06-05 Tie in an About that might be how we handle the SourceForge and other announcements.  [dh:2011-11-26 This now seems workable in TROSTing.htm]
  2005-06-05 Tie in a placeholder privacy page that identifies the NuovoDoc one as its basis. [dh:2005-06-13 fill in the link on the current TROSTing front porch.]
  2005-05-09 Link the SourceForge proposal into the knot-hole somehow.  [dh:2005-06-13 we need an infoNote on the SourceForge employment and a place to expand more about that.][dh:2011-11-26 The "knot-hole" has to do with looking through a hole in the fence of a construction site and watching the activity.  The next step is apparently board walkways, ladders, and such, as the scaffolding becomes navigable [;<].
  2005-04-30 Before going live with this site, initiating full TROST Engagement, there are work items and site reviews that must occur.  In addition to the items in this job jar, also consult the TROST Pilot Engagement project folio. [dh:2005-04-30 To move off of this activity, I am creating a knothole and simply making sure I have a work item that captures the additional steps before declaring a grand opening.] [dh:2005-05-05 I guess that really makes it a preview, not a grand opening.]
  2005-02-27 I have a risk contingency by not being able to use MSN Explorer (and MSN dial-up) from Blocco in my user account.  I can do it as administrator, but that sucks and I need to come up with something else. [dh:2005-04-30-16:36 This should be moved to the risk management under Trost Pilot envisioning.]
  2005-02-27 I have accessed the TROST development site using FrontPage 2003 on Blocco, the new Tablet PC.  There is much to document around confirmable experience, trustworthiness, and experiences that leave one feeling dirty.  My Microsoft Office 2003 experience was superb, my MSDN access experience had problems with Passport, and my MSN experiences with MSN Messenger and MSN Explorer were atrocious and icky.  It is interesting how that works.  For the moment, this entry is simply to demonstrate that I have successfully checked-out and updated a page in the site.  So now I can integrate site editing and page creation with all of my other research and writing activities on Blocco.  Next: Getting Blogger working from over here.
  2005-02-07 Determine what we want to specify for "attribution" on pages with material importance.  [dh:2005-07-19 I will add it to the cached "deed" pages as one of the bullets.  I might need to say more about "licensed" in the "you are here" blocks, but this will be good enough for now.]
  2005-02-07 Add a status if we think it is needed. [dh: 2005-05-09 Do pilot/status for now, mirroring ODMref10]
  2005-02-07 Add a privacy statement or link for this site
done 2017-07-01 default.asp: change to default.htm and do not provide tombstone.  Reflect in index.htm
done 2014-05-25 keybase.txt 0.02 Add claim and proof to the file.
done 2014-05-22 keybase.txt: Share with hosted site and publish update of
done 2014-05-22 keybase.txt: Add proof of adminstrative control of this site
done 2014-02-08 c000000: correct lingering check-outs from VSS repo ported to Quadro.
done 2011-11-26 index.htm Refer to for further sources on nfoCentrale style.
done 2011-11-26 index.htm: Use as the model.
2011-11-25 Figure out what to do with contact.htm
done 2011-11-26 Modify the repaving notices to refer to the contact.htm page.
2011-11-12 Add the repaving construction structure to the top-level: index.htm, c000000.htm, c000000a.htm, construction.htm, default.asp, contact.htm, Trosting.htm.
done 2011-11-26 If contact.htm is retained, adjust the repaving notices to rely on it instead of NuovoDoc.  [dh:2011-11-26 This is an include page from i050402 and it will be retained as well as updated there.]
done 2011-11-26 index.htm Add LiveSearchSiteAuth.xml
2011-11-25 Fix construction.htm to have proper construction structure and layout for the repaving
2011-11-25 Clone index.htm from another site [dh:2011-11-26 This is done from]
2006-07-29 Resuscitate TROSTING.htm.  The front porch must be repaved to honor the current approach to construction structure and scaffolding.  When this happens, the TROSTing.htm will have to be sourced from a page different than index.htm.  [dh:2011-11-12 I need to start repaving first.   So the repaved index.htm will be be reflected in the TROSTing.htm until I have a folio from which to version and feed that page.]
2005-06-06 Find more material about what TROST and TROSTing are to tie into the keyhole summary on index.htm. [dh:2011-11-26 This is handled by TROSTing.htm and what it becomes.]
done 2011-11-26 TROSTing.htm 0.05 Add Repaving Notice, since much of the material is now obsolete and this will be the last one in this form.  This definitely deserves document engineering and standard revision browsing.  That is a pattern to develop too.
done 2011-11-26 TROSTing.htm: Add revision numbers to the revision history
2011-11-25 Clean up TROSTing.htm for its location.  Leave editorial work for after a historical folder is created.
2011-11-25 The TROSTing.htm page needs to be independent and then sourced from a folio, perhaps.  Then the index.htm can be pure construction structure
2011-11-25 Copy TROSTing.htm from index.htm
2011-11-12 Add enough repaving construction to the Construction Material section that the further repaving is managed.
2011-11-12 Was I out long?  It is time to revisit repaving.  The immediate changes are so repaving can be introduced and new folios be worked on as part of the revitalization of TROST and the work on forensic tools and then security tools is ramped up.  The first step is to create the template structure so that other folios that come over here have the correct structure.   The next step is to add the repaving folio and then introduce enough construction structure so I can build out in new areas, while retrofitting old sections in parallel.
done 2006-07-29 Link to the new dev/ section from the front-porch index.htm page.
2005-06-05 Introduce a development section, similar to the one employed for ActiveODMA.  See if we can do this one with a construction zone template, and take it all the way down. [dh:2006-07-29 A placeholder structure is in place.  That construction zone will manage the further customization that is required.]
done 2006-07-29 Create a skeletal dev/ section with placeholder for a construction zone to be announced, etc.  Put in enough structure to add some code projects at dev/2006/07 in advance of getting a full-up dev/ section rolling.  But the inspiration for starting this is very cool.  It is enough reason to get subversion going on the sourceforge project, etc.  See 2005-06-05 too
done 2005-09-20 Updated just to confirm that installation of FrontPage 2003 on the new Scampo development system works fine and an update roundtrip is working.  [dh:2005-09-20 It is weird to see these pages on a high-quality LCD and get what the colors are when viewd on a good monitor.]
2005-07-24 Add space after "(ODMA)" in TROSTing.htm section 1.4.
done 2005-08-11 2005-08-11 Use permalinks on index.htm
done 2005-08-11 Use the ODMA P050702 Project Folio as the target for the ODMdev Bootstrap activity
2005-06-13 Review the TROSTing /info section for its access from TROSTing front porch, index.htm page
2005-06-13 Review the TROSTing /projects section for its access from TROSTing front porch, index.htm page.  It can provide more about the organizational structure.
2005-06-13 Review the activeODMA development tree access from the TROSTing front porch, index.htm page.
done 2005-07-20 Ack!  I got the URL for ODMdev Bootspiral wrong. Fix it!
done 2005-07-20 In changing to the Bootstrap phase, I should hook in the ODMdev bootspiral activity.  Put it there, though I don't have something to link to yet.  Maybe a version of the "checklist" and the blog page about it, which I should tie into that on the Bootspiral cover. [dh:2005-07-20 I'm linking to my blog page about it until I update the project sheet to have that content.]
done 2005-07-20 I don't like how the image on the home page is not very prominent and the Welcome consumes all the good space.  Rearrange it and have it balanced better, visually.   That means putting the image on the left (I don't know why) and adjusting the text.  I also like replacing "one brick at a time" by "one commitment at a time" though it should really be one fulfilled commitment at a time, but that is just too much.
done 2005-07-20 I altered the home page very late last night (very early this morning), and I forgot that I had created a new file (a larger Symbol of Trust image) on my development site that I hadn't shared to the image of the hosted site.  So it showed up as a broken link and I was fatigued enough that staying up any time longer to repair it would be even more dangerous.  I fixed it as soon as I was on my feet today.
done 2005-07-19 Correct typos on the index.htm page (notebook #46.53)
2005-06-19 There are a number of ways that descent followed by ascent through the patterns happens in TROSTing. So the descent to bootstrap and ascent from there is just one example.  I've hinted at that, I need to write about it.  [dh:2005-07-19 captured in notes for the final package]
2005-02-07 Find a unique logo image for TROST. [dh: 2005-06-12 I think this is something worth handling in an InfoNote and will look at that after I get the template cooking.]
2005-06-13 Update the i000006 template for quick use in the creation of more infoNotes, including ones identified as needed below. [dh:2005-06-20 I seem to have started this before I created a note here.  It is at develop/P050601.][dh:2017-07-01 The template information for folios is at projects/templates/00/p000006.  I think that is what this is about.  It is reason for preserving the projects folder, even if no more will be added.]
2005-06-19 In the index.htm section 1.1.1, end the last question with a "?"
2005-06-13 Tie index.htm to the About TROST page and material too.  [dh:2005-06-19 I am using an expanded index.htm as the About page for now.  The rest comes when InfoNotes on the necessary topics are built.]
2005-06-17 Update the index.htm to move the first paragraph into what's here.  Find something else about what it is.  I may have to write something about that.
done 2005-06-17 Use the construction zone page as a folio cover for the material here.  This will blend nicely with the folio pattern as a navigational hierarchy among a series of sibling pages in a single section.
done 2005-06-17 Treat this page just like a folio cover, but with a link to the construction zone page.
done 2005-06-17 Version completed material onto a history page and make it easier to find open items.  Rearranging would work too.  [dh:2011-11-26 That is c000000a here.
Revision History:
0.2.1 2017-07-01-09:43 Review and Adjust for Systematic Completion of repaving/updating
0.20 2011-11-20-22:19 Capture Overall Repaving Structure
The resuscitation of TROSTing is accompanied by repaving in alignment with the current approach to nfoCentrale Construction Structures.  This is a predecessor to expansion of TROST development effort.
0.10 2005-06-17-18:31 Develop Preview Setup
The early bootstrapping items are moved to a history/archive page and the further development of preview takes on all remaining and new incomplete items.
0.00 2005-02-07-19:20 Establish Bootstrapping of Front-Porch Construction Zone
Start with a minimal construction zone and work the build-up to something more presentable for a construction-stage preview.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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